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Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) Panels

Each and every day our Sun emits endless amounts of power, shining right where you need it most on your home or business roof, or adjoining land. There are many reasons to tap into this otherwise wasted power. From a economic perspective solar can save you money, 7 to 11 year payback is normal on 6 to 10 kWp systems. Consider also the environmental benefits such as less polluted air, clean air really is priceless.

Solar panels convert the light from the sun into electricity, with no moving parts they are very reliable a 30 year life is realistic, that means with payback averaged at 9 years, you can have 21 years of free electricity! Even on a bright Manx winters day a panel can generate a considerable amount of electricity (perhaps 30% of capacity). There is something very satisfying about receiving an energy bill from Manx Utilities which is not only zero, they might pay you because of excess energy sold to the grid. There has never been a better time to install solar.

Informed Choice

When investigating solar panels there are many questions: how many panels can my roof take? what will they look like? the price? how much power generated? yearly returns? gogreen use technology to help answer these questions as accurately as possible. Our design process on a property in Glen Vine:

STEP 1 request a free quotation, we drone survey map your property (subject to site location). Drone mapping is undertaken by skilled licensed operators.

STEP 2 state of the art computer processing, creates an accurate 3D model for your property, onto which panels can be accurately positioned. Here is an example, the solar panels are virtual:

STEP 3 From this computer model accurate solar predictions can be made including shading calculation of nearby trees, here is an example chart showing expected production during the year, a quotation will be created:

STEP 4 Installation, our team consists of qualified roofers, capable of re-roofs if required and qualified electricians, this property had slates replace the concrete tiles at the same time as solar panel installation. The end result looks great, we are proud of the end quality:

Home Solar Pricing

1 kWp
3 Panels
2 kWp
6 Panels
3 kWp
9 Panels
4 kWp
12 Panels

5 kWp
15 Panels
6 kWp
18 Panels
8 kWp
24 Panels
10 kWp
30 Panels

Prices shown include 0% VAT and are average prices, pricing can vary depending on property type.

Business Solar Pricing

15 kWp
44 Panels
20 kWp
58 Panels
25 kWp
74  Panels
30 kWp
88  Panels

40 kWp
118 Panels
50 kWp
148 Panels
60 kWp
176 Panels
70 kWp
206  Panels

Prices shown exclude VAT (0% would typically be charged), are based on a metal roof install, pricing can vary depending on building type. Business ROI, example 25kWp system might generate 21000kWh/year, if you are paying 16.9p per unit, this equates to a 6 year ROI.

Solar & Batteries: A Perfect Combination

A Battery System can make full use of the power generated by your solar panels, ensuring that any unused power is stored on site to be used later when needed. If your electricity is supplied with two rates (a day rate and cheaper night rate), the solar + battery combination ensures that peak rate electricity usage is kept to a minimum.

Refreshingly different, gogreen:
  • Practice what we preach: the environment is important, we drive EVs not diesel vans,
  • Publish standard install prices, upfront and open,
  • Committed to adoption of environmentally friendly products: our prices match UK prices,
  • Prices quoted have no hidden extra costs,

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