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My Manx CO2 Footprint?

It is complex calculating your CO2 footprint, as calculations are based on other countries, to assist Go Green have crunched the numbers using figures relevant to the Isle of Man, these can be used to determine the most effective and cost efficient reductions which can take place.

It has been calculated that every person on this planet have to get their total annual CO2 emissions to 2.3t for the world to limit climate change to 1.5oC warming, as you will see 2.3t is quite a challenge. Sadly as of 2022 the IOM emit 8.2 tons of CO2 per person, we are in the same league (per capita) as the most polluting nations, when the IOM should lead the way based on population wealth:

The main creation of CO2 in relation to domestic life are Transport, Heating, Electricity and Travel.



Domestic heating normally accounts for the most CO2 released by households, the type of heating used can significantly reduce the output.

Driving a mid-sized fossil fuelled car puts a person close to the 2.3t limit, an electric car charged from the current grid generates a 1/3rd less CO2. As the grid transitions to renewables this value drops even further.

There are good fuel cost savings to be made from driving an EV, for many over £1000 per year.


The amount of CO2 released from electricity generation can be calculated by looking on your previous electricity bills going back so they cover a full year. Look in the column Volume kWh and total all these values. An average house on the Island uses 5400 kWh per year.

Annual Electric Consumed   kWh          Yearly electric calculated CO2: 2.2t


Electric power figures were calculated using the MUA supplied 400g / kWh for power generation 2021, 14.45p / kWh for heating, night 9.2p charging for EV.

Natural Gas boiler CO2 per equivalent kWh of heat: 215g / kWh, 11.98p / kWh

Oil CO2 per equivalent kWh of heat: 320g / kWh, 7.54p / kWh. CO2 figures.

Fuel costs from Isle of Man Domestic Heating Comparison

Average housing heating figures derived from Energy Consumption Calculator and Actual Energy Consumption Calculator

EV efficiency of 0.15 kWh / km from a Tesla Model 3. EV charging cost calculated from 9.2p night time EV charging tariff.

Car CO2 figures:   small 118g / km, mid sized 167g / km, SUV 232g / km

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