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Electric Vehicle Chargers

There are many different EV chargers, offering different features and charging speeds, more powerful chargers take less time to charge your EV. All electric vechicles have have now standardised on the Type 2 socket which makes choosing a compatible charger easy.

Most basic of all chargers is the free charger often supplied with the car, plugging into a normal socket and charging at around 2kWh (around 6 miles range added every hour). Many people try running extension cables to the car, through windows which might overheat or get wet.

What is needed is a water proof permanently wired EV charger, placed where your car normally parks, outside or in the garage. Permanent chargers can charge your car quicker, normally 7 kWh (~ 22 miles range per hour), or even 22 kWh three phase which charge at 66 miles an hour.

More advanced chargers can schedule charging when there is cheap overnight electricity, Manx Utilities offer a half price EV night tariff. The most advanced chargers can even charge with excess solar energy.

Purchase an EV Charger, Installed on The Isle of Man

We offer 3 different packages, each is based on a standard install where the electric car charger is within 15 meters of your electric consumer unit which is able to accomodate the charger without modification. Request a site visit to validate these prices.

Silver Package Platinum Package Gold Package
MyEnergi Zappi v2 Untethered

7.3 kW charge power

Un-tethered (Type 2 socket, use external charging cable)

Compatible with all EVs, including Tesla

Black charger

Smart charging with off peak electricty

MyEnergi Zappi v2 & Monitoring

7.3 kW or 22kW three phase power

6.5m cable Type 2 plug

Compatible with all EVs, including Tesla

Choice of black or white charger

Smart charging with off peak electricty

Charge with free excess solar energy

Realtime home power usage display

7" Tablet and deskstand

Power usage stored in Cloud, historical charts

MyEnergi Zappi v2

7.3 kW charge power

6.5m cable to Type 2 plug

Compatible with all EVs, including Tesla

Black or white charger

Smart charging with off peak electricty


(including installation & VAT)

(including installation & VAT)

(including installation & VAT)

Refreshingly different, gogreen:
  • Practice what we preach: the environment is important, we drive EVs not diesel vans,
  • Publish standard install prices, upfront and open,
  • Committed to adoption of environmentally friendly products: our prices match UK prices,
  • Prices quoted have no hidden extra costs,

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