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Costs of adoption play a major role in purchasing green technologies. These case studies cover real installations GoGreen have implemented, with their expected payback periods, known as Return on Investment (ROI).

Case ID: Middle 2020 - Dandara timber frame, extended to 6 bedrooms

Air Source Heat Pump

Replace existing gas condesing boiler (replacement was quoted £2145), last years gas running costs were £1397. The property is being converted to underfloor heating, has average insulation for build (20 years old). The extension: 2 bed rooms and 2nd lounge have own heating system, we quote based on a 4 bed detached house, this type of house is common to the Island.

Heat-loss calculations recommend a 12kW heat pump and 300 Liter hot water cylinder, including installation: £8,992
Estimated heat pump running costs: (£1397 / 3) = £465 / year
Yearly running cost savings: £1397 - £465 = £932 saved each year
Heat pump cost differential (opposed to new gas boiler): £8992 - £2145 = £6847
Return on investment: £6847 / £932 = 7 years

Environment impact reduction: Saving 2 tons of CO2 each year

Outside unit

Water cylinder (pre-pipe lagging)

Refreshingly different, gogreen:
  • Practice what we preach: the environment is important, we drive EVs not diesel vans,
  • Publish standard install prices, upfront and open,
  • Committed to adoption of environmentally friendly products: our prices match UK prices,
  • Prices quoted have no hidden extra costs,

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